Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family Photo Arrangements

If you're anything like this mom (me), you take tons of family pictures, especially of your kids.  I have certainly learned over the past couple of years how to hit that delete button, especially on blurry pictures - I used to not be able to delete any picture of my kids no matter how bad it was!

Okay, so you have all these wonderful pictures - now what?!  You want to show off your beautufil kids to the world, or at least that part of the world that actually enters your home.  But how?  My favorite thing to do is to create a photo wall display.  There are many different ways of arranging photo frames on a wall, depending on your taste, space availability, and number of photo frames to be hung.

You can create a static display or one that can easily be changed or rotated.  See great tips, how-tos, and examples of creative ways of arranging photo frames on a wall.


  1. Hello! I love the big, white, 24 photo frame that you have displayed in your blog but have no idea where to find it. Can you tell me where you sourced the picture from? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for your question, but I don't recall the source - however, I do believe that it's not a one piece frame. I'm pretty sure that those are all individual identical frames hung tightly together to give the appearance of a large one-piece collage. You can do the same with very inexpensive white or black frames that can be found at Target or WalMart or such...if you do, come back here and let me know how it turned out!