Friday, August 20, 2010

Create a Corner Photo Wall Display??

I love this corner wall frame by Umbra.  It's fresh and original and just plain cool!  I don't know about you, but I have not seen a collage frame, or any frame for that matter, before that is designed to hang on the corner of a wall.   It holds twelve photographs - four 2.5" X 3", four 3.5" X 3", two 3.5" X 4" and two 4" X 6".  It includes mat boards and has a handsome espresso color finish. 

Umbra is a leader in casual, contemporary and affordable design for the home and I love many of Umbra's picture frames, so you're sure to see me featuring many of them here for you!

Photo Display Ideas for Stairways

Malden 2116-57 5 by 7/8 by 10 Double Mat wall frame, Dark WalnutIf you have a bare stairway and are looking for a place to create a photo wall display - the wall adjacent to your stairs can be the perfect place for a family photo display.  The trick to creating a pleasing display is to make sure to follow the angle of your stairs.  The picture frames can be hung somewhat randomly, but in a pleasing arrangement of course.  Every two or so steps, measure the distance from the step to the bottom of your arrangement to ensure that it remains the same distance - the bottom of the photo display arrangement should be around two feet above the stair step just below it if at all possible.  If that rule of thumb isn't possible, don't fret because as long as it's at the same angle as the steps and equal distance from the steps throughout the arrangement it'll look great.

Brown Collage Frame 10"x28" For Five Open 4"x6" PhotosThe frames, just like in most arrangements, should at least be similar.  They don't all have to be the same material, but should all be in the same color tone.  Similarly, the photographs themselves should be either all color or all black and white.  You can even incorporate collage photo display frames like the one pictured to the left here.  Click on the collage frame or the one above it for more details on them.  The picture at right is a good example of a great stairway family photo wall.